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the freQ

the freQ is an one-click audio puzzle that exercises pitch perception, memory, concentration and audio reflexes.

Its gameplay involves first choosing a frequency and then recognizing that chosen frequency among others that appear in different shapes, pitches, speed, duration and rhythmic and spatial patterns. The incoming streams become more complex as the player advances, resulting in stochastic sine-wave music compositions. Level design starts off from small interval differences of whole tones, semitones and 1/4-of-a-tone microtones and builds up to include more distant intervals bigger ones, thus establishing the tonal centre in an educational, but also fun way.

the freQ was first released for iPhone in September 2011 with the contribution of software engineer Nikos Tsiolas and graphic designer Katia Piterou. In April 2012 it was selected in the top 10 games at the Athens Gaming Forum 2012 receiving a distinction for its innovative and accessible gameplay. 

Its stand-alone version for Mac and Pc was developed in the following year, and presented and donated to the Panhellenic Association for the Blind.