[Taal in] [Taal out]


         Dance Performance choreographed by Justine Goussot, based on a concept and research by Sissy Marmaritsaki, with soundscapes created by Emmanouel Rovithis    

         @ On Off Studio, Athens (December 2022, January 2023) & @ Ionian Academy, Corfu (May 2023)

[Taal in] [Taal out] initiates a conversation between contemporary dance and classical Indian "Kathak" dance shaped by a computer-generated algorithm. The piece explores the notions of time and rhythmicality from a kinetic, mathematic and poetic point of view, seeking a methodology to formulate a singular choreographic language.


Generated for solo (May 23) or duo (Dec 22-Jan 23) performers, a choreographic score indicates durations, directions, steps and hands combinations, engaging the question of freedom inside a specific pattern, of the empty space where freedom can exist, and addressing temporal flux as a juxtaposition of inner and outer space, of non-binary intimacy and social imposition.