Space Audissey

"Space Audissey" is an audio-game workshop designed by Dr. Rovithis with the contribution of music educator Elissavet Perakaki and music curator Vera Kriezi to familiarize late primary and early secondary education pupils with sound collage techniques, while introducing them to basic astronomy concepts. The workshop was designed on behalf of The Friends of Music Society (Athens Megaron Music Hall) and delivered in the context of the 2019-2020 Educational Programmes in the "Musix Lab" STEM Educational Centre. 

Participants are organized as astronauts in groups of two, whereas each crew has at its disposal one laptop and one tablet, both equipped with freeware audio processing software. After discussing concepts about our solar system and space exploration, they are guided to complete a series of tasks, such as to decode messages sent from Earth, to find water on the surface of Mars and to analyze those samples in search of micro-organisms, which require them to record, edit, and create audio samples.   

Audio Trailer: