Theatre Performance directed by Mario Banushi

         @ Performance Rooms 2022 (March) & @ Theatro sti Sala (May)

Ragada refers to the word "stretch", the mark left on the body by the pressure exerted by the fetus as it grows inside the womb

Emmanouel Rovithis · Memorad

It is the debut work of director Mario Banushi, a pop-up fairy tale inspired by his childhood memories in Albania and the figure of his mother. 

Rovithis mixed abstract, fragmented Balkan sound romances with in situ recordings of the actors' rehearsals, into organic, intimate acoustic ambiences.  

Emmanouel Rovithis · Afrodite

Raraga was performed at the "Performance Rooms" art exhibition in March 2022 and at the "Theatre in Sala" in May of the same year.