Theatre Show directed by Aris Biniaris

         @ Gloria Theater (November 2023 - February 2024)

"The intense musicality also contributes to this harmonious mix (excellent musical composition and sound design by Emmanouel Rovithis) which "binds" with Aris Biniaris' directorial perspective and subsequently imbues the acting of his actors with rhythm in speech, breaths and their body." news247

"The intense music of Emmanouel Rovithis and the choreography of Evi Oikonomou move the stage in the steps of a Kafic nightmare." efsyn

Prometheus is a political, post-dramatic theatre play by Aris Biniaris, whose original text assimilates metaphors of the ancient myth, as well as lyrics of raper "Unknown Winter" into an intense multimedia experience.

The music and sound design of Rovithis serve as the -on some occasions dense and on others aethereal- vital ambience for the animation of speech, the breathing of masks, the rhythmicality of movement .

promo video: Thomas Palivos, promo clicks: Patroklos Skafidas, stage clicks: Mariza Kapsabeli