my Ukraine!


         photo exhibition by photographer Dina Koumbouli on the pre-war Ukraine of 2019, audio-augmented by short audio works of Emmanouel Rovithis

         @ Agathi-Kartalos Gallery, Athens (June-September 2022)

Three of the pictures at the exhibition were enhanced with audio that could be listened to through hanging headphones.

The audio works were named as "Leaders", "Guns", and "People", in order to highlight war's past, present, and future respectively. Leaders' failure to communicate causes violence, which in turn has a long standing impact on the population. 

Emmanouel Rovithis · Leaders

The sole material used for the audio works were cellphone recordings of TV news, in order to represent how information reaches us from a distant place at war: real events filtered by the Media then filtered by our mobile device landing into our ears.

Emmanouel Rovithis · Guns

Emmanouel Rovithis · People