Goodbye Lindita


         Theatre Performance directed by Mario Banushi

         @ Experimental Stage for Emerging Artists of the National Theatre of Greece

"Released in continuous, ever-climaxing waves, the music of Rovithis causes irrepressible emotional suffocations" Lifo

"There are moments when the music of Rovithis seems like pain turned into sound"

Goodbye Lindita is a wordless, abstract narrative structured around the state of mourning and the link between loss and new birth, inspired by the history, tradition, and burial customs of the Balkans.

It is the second-in-a-row collaboration between Emmanouel Rovithis and director Mario Banushi aiming to explore the narrative and dramaturgical boundaries of sound and music in a speechless visual experience.

photos by Theofilos Tsimas

official link of the show

review by The Guardian

Goodbye Lindita has already performed from March until June 2023 and from October 2023 until February 2024 at various stages of the Greek National Theater. It has also travelled to international festivals in Belgrad, Dresden, and Amsterdam, and is expected to continue its world tour in Adelaide (Australia), as well as meet again with the greek audience in March 2024.