Multimedia Dance-Theatre Performance @ Artiria, Athens, Greece

          by the FingerPrint Performing Arts Group

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FingerPrint is a multimedia dance theatre project formed in March 2018 in Athens, Greece, by:
Vicky Sachpazi (direction), Justine Goussot (choreography), Kostis Papadopoulos (video), and Emmanouel Rovithis (music)

Their debut show "Dotted" is about two women drawing on their childhood memories to reshape the notion of the piano.

How do compulsions imposed by family and education affect the enjoyment of artistic expression?

Can we free ourselves from musical conventionality through the process of deconstructing and reinventing the musical instrument?

FingerPrint - Στιγμή Διαρκείας (Dotted) - Show Overview from FingerPrint on Vimeo.

@ Artiria in Athens in November 2018: