The Box


          Interactive Audio-Visual Installation @ the "Booze Cooperative", Athens, Greece    

          Concept Design - Programming: Emmanouel Rovithis

          Sound Design:  Ariadne Zilou, Erofili Iosifidou, John Moussis, Dimitris Papalexis, Alexandros Tokmakidis, Diomidis Tolios, and Nikolaos Tsiolas

          Chamber Construction: Nestoras Fanaras 

          "the Box" is an interactive presentation of audio-works created by the students of the "Digital Sound Design" workshop, which was designed and delivered by Emmanouel Rovithis at the "Mikro Polytechnio" Foundation for the Arts. The concept of the installation is the Time-Machine. Every artist participated with 2 audio works: one for travelling in time, and one for staying in an era of their choice. 


The visitors of the installation entered one by one the specially constructed chamber and used the designed interface to select a destination era and listen to the respective audio works.