Educational Audio Game Design: Sonification of the Curriculum through a Role-playing Scenario in the Audio Game 'Kronos'


Rovithis, E.,​Mniestris, A., & Floros, A. (2014). Educational audio game design: sonification of the curriculum through a role-playing scenario in the audio game ’Kronos'. In ​Proceedings of the 9th Audio Mostly: A Conference on Interaction With Sound​ (p. 21). ACM.


Audio-Games (AGs) are electronic games that feature partially or completely auditory interfaces to express the game’s plot and mechanics. The required concentration on sonic information makes AGs a suitable medium not only for entertainment, but also for education on (and not limited to) music and sound studies curricula. This paper presents a novel educational AG entitled Kronos that implements a role-playing scenario to facilitate the sonification of the relevant curriculum and to create an educational platform that combines an audio-based gaming environment with a musical instrument. In that process a methodology suggested by the authors has been used. The sonic symbols assigned to create the game’s narrative content will be explained and future developments will be mentioned.