Interactive Audio-Visual Installation @ the 'Bios' Center for the Arts and Media, Athens, Greece

          Sound Design - Programming:  Emmanouel Rovithis        

          Director: Georgia Mavragani

          Stage Design: Eleni Papadimitriou

          Narrator: Manolis Kavvalos

          Concept: Manolis Kavvalos, Emmanouel Rovithis

          "Rockaby" is an interactive audio-visual interpretation of the one-woman-in-a-rocking-chair short play by Samuel Beckett. Visitors of the installation can explore the surrounding space, in which objects from that woman's life have been placed, and then enter one by one a chamber, where they sit in the rocking chair themselves. 

Parts of Beckett's text are projected on the wall, whereas users can select fragmented words to listen to in real-time generated respective sound and visual abstracts.