EU Funded Research Projects


Augmented Reality Audio Games, funded by the Operational Program Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong learning, Priority Axes 6, 8, 9, Act "Supporting Researchers with emphasis on New Researchers" (grant MIS number: 5007016), which is co-financed by Greece and the European Union (European Social Fund - ESF).

This research undertaken by the Epoasi Audiovisual Signal Processing Lab at the Dept. of Audio & Visual Studies of the Ionian University investigates the use of gestures with the handheld device to facilitate sonic interaction in an audio augmented reality environment. For that purpose the augmented reality audio game "Audio Legends" was designed, implemented and tested among subjects, who evaluated the game's usability and immersiveness through Likert-scale statements and open comments. In terms of disseminating the project to the academic community, the potential of this emerging genre was discussed here, the novelty of the mixing engine was introduced here, and the results were presented and analysed here.