Kronos: Electronic Audio Game based on Electronic Music Composition in Educational Applications


Rovithis, E. (2015). Kronos: Electronic Audio Game based on Electronic Music Composition in Educational Applications. (Doctoral Dissertation, Ionian University, Dept. of Music Studies), ND 37214


Game structures have been utilized both in art and in education, in the former as systems facilitating creative expression and communication among the participants of a work, whereas in the latter as motivation mechanisms for the students to experientally come in contact with the curriculum. This dissertation focuses on electronic audio games (AG), in which sonification techniques are implemented for realizing the gameplay and context, and argues that the notions of a music education tool and a musical instrument can be essentially combined into a digital audio gaming environment that will holistically address the user as a player, a student and an artist. In order to establish the theoretical background for the design of educational electronic AG with music creation capabilities a) the impact that the act of gaming, as well as the use of sound have on the learning process, the development of skills, and the medium’s accessibility is thoroughly examined, b) the relation between audio interaction and gameplay is investigated, c) the current directions for the implementation of AG for educational purposes are distinguished, and d) a methodology for the design of educational AG is suggested. In order to practically support the thesis the original AG “Kronos” is presented, a hybrid prototype that fuses elements of audio mechanics with role playing characteristics to introduce players to concepts, principles and techniques of electroacoustic composition, and guide them to modularly construct and customize a sound design and processing system by participating in the game’s storyline and accomplishing respected tasks. Therefore, the design of the game is analyzed in terms of sonic symbolism, gameplay mechanics, and creative potential.