EPOASI Audiovisual Signal Processing Lab

EPOASI stands for the Audiovisual Signal Processing Research Laboratory at the Department of Audio & Visual Arts of the Ionian University. (official site)

The laboratory staff consists of Professors, Lecturers, and Doctoral Candidates aiming to promote scientific research in the broader field of theoretical and applied processing of audiovisual signals.

Dr. Rovithis'  role comprises concept design, game-mechanics design, sound design, prototyping, bibliographic research, experiment methodology, and results analysis and dissemination.

Recently, the lab has focused its research on the design and implementation of Audio Games, and Augmented Reality Audio Games. In that direction it has successfully accomplished the research project Audio Legends (short description and more info), which included the design and testing of a prototype Augmented Reality Audio Game towards the evaluation of sonic interaction through gestural activity in terms of usability and immersion, and led to two journal publications (1 and 2), conference presentations and public exhibitions.  

Past projects in those fields include the design of the Augmented Reality Audio Game "Eidola", and of the Educational Audio Game "the Noize Games".

EPOASI Lab is open to collaborations with institutions from the fields of research, industry and education, in order to establish a partnership network for the development and promotion of audio game interaction and augmentation.