Augmented Audio-only Games: A New Generation of Immersive Acoustic Environments through Advanced Mixing


Moustakas, N., Floros, A., ​Rovithis, E., & Vogklis, K. (2019). Augmented Audio-Only Games:A New Generation of Immersive Acoustic Environments through Advanced Mixing. I​n Audio Engineering Society Convention 146​. Audio Engineering Society (AES)


Audio-only games represent an alternative type of gaming genres that continuously evolves following the technological trends that boost the video-games market. Since augmented reality is now a widespread approach for producing new kind of immersive applications, including games, it is expected that audio-only games will be influenced by this approach. This work represents the beginning of an attempt to investigate the process of delivering augmented audio-only games, focusing on specific technical factors that can improve the user interaction and the overall game-play experience. In particularly, it focuses on a new augmented reality audio mixing process that is optimized for variable acoustic environments, allowing the development of new attractive titles of audio-only games.