Academic Courses

Below is a short description of the undergraduate and postgraduate academic courses taught by Dr, Rovithis at the Department of Audio & Visual Studies of the Ionian University.

Audio Processing Software Design

This course was taught within the cross-sectional post-graduate programm (sonarts) delivered by the Ionian University Departments of Audio & Visual Studies and Music Studies. The course's objective is to introduce post-graduate students to the open-source visual-programming environment "Pure Data" and to guide them through a series of exercises of rising complexity towards the development of efficient technical and artistic projects.    

Audio Technology

This 3rd semester course aims to introduce students to sound/audio technology in terms of its historic evolution including its applications, restrictions and capabilities. The successful attendance of the course facilitates students to, among others, have an understanding of audio recording and coding techniques, outline the pros and cons of different class types of microphones and power amplifiers, and explain the basic differences between analog and digital audio notions and practices.  

Digital Sound Processing

This 6th semester course focuses on the process of analog-to-digital conversion, as well as the processing functions taking place within the digital domain. To that end, the students are introduced to the open-source programming environment "Octave", and guided to simulate various digital signal processing techniques.

Algorithmic Sound Structure and Composition

The subject of tis 8th semester course is the presentation of techniques for the automatic composition of musical structures that can be realised by computer programmes. In that process, various algorithmic systems are reviewed and implemented in the open-source visual-programming environment "Pure Data".  

Audio Technology in the Teaching of Art

This course is an integral part of the Pedagogical Training Programme “Teaching Technologies in Art Education”, delivered at the Ionian University Department of Audio and Visual Arts and guiding prospective art teachers to utilise free audio software towards the design of educational scenarios that introduce primary school pupils to audio technology concepts and practices. Stretching over two consecutive semesters, each one focusing on primary and secondary education respectively, the course addresses both undergraduate students and graduates.

Electroacoustics and Spatial Acoustics

This 8th semester course deals with aspects electroacoustics, room acoustics and their combination including recording principles, loudspeaker properties, and spatial acoustic requirements, guiding students to have a hands-on experience of the respective equipment for measurements and evaluation through elaborate lab sessions.